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What is early childhood caries? – Treatment & Management by Best Dental Hospital in Bangalore

Early Childhood Caries is a major oral health concern in infants and children today. In the last blog post, we discussed what early childhood caries actually is, what causes it and how to prevent it for your child. In this post, we will shed light upon the treatment aspect. If at all your child has developed ECC, don’t panic, it is manageable and can be treated. Early diagnosis leads to better prognosis and treatment options depend on the severity of the disease. For Mild Conditions Treatment of ECC Bangalore’s Best Dental Clinics can greatly vary depending upon the severity of the condition as well as the child’s age. When the disease is at a very early stage, fluoride treatment is a good and a suitable option. Fluoride will strengthen the outer layer of the tooth which is exposed to bacteria and acid, thereby reducing the risk of decay. At this stage, these dietary changes can help quite a bit -

  • Limit the consumption of soft drinks and fruit juices
  • Replacing sweetened drinks with water
  • Make sure the child does not fall asleep with the milk bottle in their mouths
  • Maintaining oral hygiene and preventing further decay
A few fillings maybe required in mild conditions which can easily be done by the best dentists in Bangalore. For severe conditions If the degree of damage is severe, there will be an immediate need for treatment dental surgeon in Bangalore, which might be extensive. Some treatments may include: restorations, root canal treatments, the implementation of stainless-steel preformed crowns or esthetic zirconia crowns, or in very severe cases extractions might be the last resort. The dentist might prefer to do these extensive treatments under sedation or general anesthesia to make it easier for both the child and the parent. Treatment can vary according to the child’s age. As with any other disease, prevention of ECC is better than cure. Remember that good oral health is very important for adults and children, alike. By following a few guidelines by dentists in Bangalore and being proactive, we can make a great difference to our child’s oral and systemic health.

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