Elderly Postural Stability

Elderly Postural Stability

We are happy you have chosen Elysiann Physiotherapy Clinic as your go-to location for specialized postural stability physiotherapy services for the elderly. Elderly physiotherapy services refers to the ability of older adults to maintain balance and stability while standing or walking. It is an essential aspect of mobility and can affect an individual's quality of life. Our clinic is dedicated to improving the quality of life for older adults by addressing issues related to balance, posture, and mobility. With our expert physiotherapists and state-of-the-art

Benefits of Elderly physiotherapy services
Maintaining good postural stability is crucial for seniors to perform their daily activities safely and independently. Postural stability physiotherapy can provide a range of benefits for elderly individuals, including:
  • Fall Prevention
  • Improved Mobility
  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Pain Management
  • Customized Care

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An elderly person should seek medical attention for postural instability if it is affecting their daily activities or if they experience frequent falls or injuries.

Exercise programs that focus on balance and strength training can help improve postural stability in the elderly by increasing muscle strength and flexibility and improving overall balance.

Postural stability is important in the elderly because falls are a major cause of injury and disability in this population. Maintaining balance can help prevent falls.

Signs of poor postural stability in older adults can include wobbling or swaying while standing or walking, difficulty standing up from a seated position, and needing to hold onto furniture or walls for support.

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