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Why a Dental Crown is Necessary After Root Canal Treatment

So, your best dental clinic has informed you that one of your teeth requires a root canal. You prepare yourself for the same mentally and as if that wasn’t daunting enough, the next thing you learn is that you have to get a crown on that tooth too. The question that pops up in your head is, “Can I get a root canal without a crown?” or “Is a crown necessary after a root canal?”. There are several reasons why your dentist in Bangalore wants your tooth to be crowned. In most cases, the reason is to protect your tooth from further damage. Restoring a Fragile Tooth by Dental Clinics in Bangalore: When a root canal is indicated, more often than not it means that the tooth is infected and the infection has involved the nerves of the tooth. To access the area of infection and remove the diseased nerves and tissue inside, the dental surgeon in Bangalore needs to drill your tooth. The decay that might have been there prior to the root canal also has to be removed to ensure no contaminant is left behind. By the end of it all, the tooth form will not be the same as it was before. There is inherent weakening of the whole tooth structure which predisposes it to fracture or chipping off of the tooth. After a root canal treatment is performed your tooth is essentially dead from inside. Proprioceptive responses are diminished and you might not be able to gauge the force of your bite. If you use too much force while biting, again it might lead to fracture. To prevent this from happening, a crown is placed by the top dentists in Bangalore to reinforce the tooth and restore its functionality while eating and chewing without any fear of the tooth breaking. A study evaluated by Bangalore’s best dental clinics shows that the success rate of root canals with or without crowns on teeth over a period of 25 years and reported that most of the teeth which are not protected by crowns eventually fracture and it is just a matter of time that it happens. (JCD 2010) Tips to Prevent Reinfections by Top Dentists in Bangalore: Recontamination of the root canal treated tooth might occur if not restored properly. Leakage can occur from very small spaces and lead to failure of the root canal treatment. To seal the tooth off from harmful leakage, a crown given over your restoration is the best option according to dental doctor in Bangalore. All things considered by Bangalores’s best dentists, a dental crown is designed to protect teeth from further damage and improve their aesthetic appearance. Root canal treatment on front teeth may not always need a crown, your back teeth will definitely benefit from one in the long run. However, it can be fitted to the front tooth if it becomes discoloured because of decay or if the tooth structure left behind is very less. Elysiann Dental Clinics, is one of the best dental clinic in Bangalore that favours putting a crown on a tooth after root canal treatment not only increases the tooth’s longevity but restores it back to its function, and protects it against further damage from contaminants and chewing forces, and revitalise your smile

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