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Importance of Best Orthodontics in Bangalore- More Than Just Straight Teeth

Orthodontic treatment in Bangalore is a branch of dentistry that deals with correcting teeth and jaws that are not properly positioned. Malaligned jaws and teeth can cause many problems including tooth decay, periodontal disease, headaches, TMJ disorders etc. The goal of orthodontists in Bangalore at Elysiann Dental Clinics with the use of braces, aligners, or retainers is to straighten your teeth, improve your bite and thereby improve your oral health. The treatment by orthodontists in Bangalore can feel like an inconvenience that lasts for several months or a couple of years, but it can fix a number problems which include but are not limited to esthetics. These include:

  1. Crowded teeth
If the number of teeth and size of the teeth are not in harmony with the size of the jaw, it can lead to overlapping of the teeth. Apart from being unesthetic, they are difficult to clean and maintain and cause additional problems such as cavities in between the teeth and gum infections. 2. Overbite, Underbite, Open Bite, Crossbite If you have any of the above bite patterns, the sooner you have it treated the greater your chances of avoiding oral problems later in life. Timely treatment by the best orthodontists in Bangalore for a malocclusion can effectively restore a proper bite pattern to help you avoid uneven wear and tear of your teeth, jaw pain, periodontal disease, chipped or cracked teeth etc. It can also affect your confidence because of the unesthetic appearance of the smile. 3. Close gaps Opposite of overcrowding, is having gaps in your teeth. This can occur if you've lost a tooth or your teeth are small compared to the size of your mouth. Correcting spacing is more than just a cosmetic issue. Spaces can cause food to get stuck between the teeth and initiate gum problems. You are more likely have a confident smile when your teeth are at their proper position and evenly spaced. This can give you more confidence to try new things and be more comfortable socially. This is particularly important for adolescents and teenagers. A smile with straight teeth can give a good first impression and is considered more attractive. But apart from the obvious cosmetic benefits, orthodontists in Bangalore can also improves the functionality of your smile. Brushing and flossing are way simpler if you have straight and evenly spaced teeth. Orthodontic treatment also improves nutrition. Poorly aligned teeth can reduce your ability to chew properly or make certain foods more difficult to eat. Consulting the best orthodontics in Bangalore @ Elysiann Dental Clinics is an investment. It is an investment of time, money and patience, but the results can be life-changing. As discussed, it helps establish good oral health and can pave the way for a healthy smile now and in the future. A healthy bite and a good-looking smile is just as important at age 50 as it is at 15 and treatment by orthodontists in Bangalore is the way that can ensure you have both.

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